Senator Steve Fenberg | Meet Our Team
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Meet Our Team

Legislative Aide


Celie Davis

Since graduating from the University of Colorado at Boulder, Celie has worked with a number of nonprofits and has organized both candidate and issue campaigns at the local and state levels. After making the switch to policy, she recognized her passion for urban sustainability and social welfare issues. When she isn’t digging into policy, Celie enjoys traveling, reading, listening to podcasts, and eating pistachio gelato.








Natalie Trujillo

In her senior year of high school, Natalie attends Silver Creek High School in Longmont. With a deep zest for political science and American history, she is very enthusiastic about working with Senator Fenberg. When she’s not at Capitol Hill, Natalie can be found kicking back and reading a copy of The Federalist Papers.






Yoselin Martin

Yoselin is in her third year at the University of Colorado Boulder and is studying Political Science and Sociology. She has a passion for social justice and is thrilled to work with Senator Fenberg to give back to the Boulder community. Yoselin is also a CLLARO fellow and deeply involved with the Latinx community in Boulder. During her free time, if she has any, she enjoys watching Netflix, playing volleyball, and drinking coffee.







Elliot Popenhagen

Elliot is in her second year at Front Range Community College and plans to continue her elementary education degree at Metro State University of Denver in the fall. Elliot’s family has members in the LGBTQ community and is excited about Senator Fenberg’s efforts to push for more equality for all Coloradans. Elliot is the Vice Chair of the Boulder County Young Democrats and hopes to continue to be involved with politics throughout Boulder County in the future.









Mindy Hogue Miller

Mindy recently became active in state level politics after a lifelong career in physical therapy. For the last 20 years, Mindy has also been active as a volunteer in a variety of non-profits, but this is her first venture into politics and policy. She is very excited to be working with Senator Fenberg. In her spare time, Mindy loves to spend time with her husband and two teenage daughters, as well as her two dogs and the revolving door of foster pups that temporarily reside in her home.







Nathan Vermeer

Nathan is in his third year at the Colorado School of Mines pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Economics. He has developed a deep desire to become involved in politics, and with an engineering background is very excited to be helping Senator Fenberg push for higher education reform and better clean energy initiatives. Beyond politics, Nathan can usually be found either skiing, golfing, or exploring Colorado’s expansive outdoors.