Senator Steve Fenberg | Working on Election Integrity & Security
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Working on Election Integrity & Security

13 Apr Working on Election Integrity & Security

Integrity & Security in our Elections
Updating Election Laws

My bipartisan bill modernizes the state’s election code by updating language for clarification and consistency. While less exciting than some of my other bills, it’s necessary for a clear understanding of our election rules and to ensure everyone is playing by the same rules.

Election Security
Last week I introduced a budget amendment that would have added $500K to investigating and litigating election security violations and campaign finance compliance. As you may have read about in the news, the Colorado Senate Republicans commissioned Cambridge Analytica to eke out their 1-seat majority. Although the amendment died on a party-line vote, today I’ve submitted a formal request to establish an interim committee to study our state’s vulnerability to election security, hacking, and foreign interference in our democratic process.
Holding Oil & Gas Accountable
Next week, HB1157, which I serve as the senate sponsor for, will be heard in senate Natural Resources & Energy Committee. The bill seeks to hold oil & gas companies accountable, and make our communities safer, by requiring increased reporting of spills, leaks, health & safety violations, etc.
with Maj Leader Becker &
Rep Hooton

Sunday, April 22nd
Municipal Building of Boulder
1777 Broadway St, Boulder, 80302
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The next, and last, few weeks of session will prove to be long days with a lot of bills to consider. Again, do not hesitate to reach out. You can always call me at 720-866-4872 or email at (or, to make it easier on you, text my team by signing up here).