Senator Steve Fenberg | The Colorado State Senate Tackles the Budget
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The Colorado State Senate Tackles the Budget

06 Apr The Colorado State Senate Tackles the Budget

In-state Tuition for Refugees

I’m excited to announce the final passage of SB87! Now refugees, including Special Immigrant Visa holders such as Maytham Alshadood, can access in-state tuition rates upon arrival in Colorado. The accessibility of higher education plays a major role in how well refugees can establish themselves, and the high cost of out-of-state tuition holds them back. With more affordable tuition, they can now become more self-sufficient and contribute to the economy more quickly. Check out this video to see what the bill means to refugees & how it positively impacts Colorado.

Watch this video on the importance of SB87 and how it will impact the lives of refugees who settle in Colorado.
Town Hall with Maj Leader Becker & Rep Hooton
Sunday, April 22nd
City of Boulder Municipal Building
1777 Broadway St, Boulder, CO 80302
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State Budget Debate

With almost 12 hours of discussion, the senate considered over 80 amendments to the state budget and passed 23 of them. Here are some highlights:

  • Fully funding the Colorado Civil Rights Division
  • Investing $3 million into wildfire preparedness
  • Committing $3 million from marijuana tax revenue into medical marijuana research grants to study potential benefits for Parkinson’s, autism, cancer, etc.
  • Increased funding for higher education, which will reduce tuition increases on students
  • Setting aside $495 million for transportation and infrastructure spending
  • Paying down the “negative factor” to pay back some of the money we owe k-12 public education
  • Ensuring healthcare coverage & child care services for our most vulnerable
  • Setting aside more than $200 million to pay towards the employer’s increased share of our state’s pension system, PERA
  • Investing $2 million towards mental health training for police officers
  • Adding $5 million for affordable housing grants

I didn’t like everything that made it into the budget and some of my amendments didn’t pass, such as creating a fund to investigate attacks on our election integrity, but overall, I was a proud yes vote on this year’s state budget.