Senator Steve Fenberg | My First Bill Passes the Senate!
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My First Bill Passes the Senate!

08 Feb My First Bill Passes the Senate!

Residential Energy Storage Passes the Senate!

Today my bill with Sen Kevin Priola passed the Senate chamber with a strong bipartisan vote. The bill declares the right of consumers to install & use residential electric energy storage without unfair burdens. By removing barriers, it enables Coloradans to more easily incorporate energy storage at home, which enhances the reliability and efficiency of the electric grid, saves money, and reduces the need for additional electric generation facilities. The bill now moves to House committee before it heads to the House floor for a full vote.

My Next Two Bills

Ensuring Financial Sustainability of Colorado Parks & Wildlife
Colorado Parks and Wildlife cannot withstand more internal cuts–a long-term solution is needed. By creating a more sustainable financial structure for CPW, SB143 raises revenue to keep pace with inflation. Without modest fee increases, outdoor recreation programs and conservation projects will remain at risk. Go here to learn more about the effort.

Ensuring Ex-Felons’ Right to Vote
Did you know that ex-felons regain the right to vote in Colorado once off paper? Yeah, neither do they. SB150 aims to change that by not only preregistering parolees to vote but also educating persons on parole and probation on their voting rights. It seeks to re-enfranchise an historically marginalized group.

A young Democrat myself, I joined the newly formed Boulder County Young Democrats to celebrate making it a year under the current presidency. To learn more about the group, go here.

In Committee

The start of the session has already brought intense emotions to committee testimony that were received by an unmoved Republican audience. Two bills that would improve road safety were struck down by the Republican majority even after families, motorcyclists and bicyclists, and experts offered distressing testimony, from stories on the loss of loved ones to the unequivocal statistics supporting the bills.

Further, three bills on reigning in the oil & gas industry were heard, and subsequently rejected by the Republicans. From allowing cities and counties to deny fracking (if they see fit) to requiring fossil fuel companies to pay for the damages and clean-up of spills and abandoned wells, the bills received overwhelming testimony support. But, again, it fell upon deaf ears and all three lost on a party-line vote.

I have a ton of events coming up across the district, from South Boulder to Niwot. Feel free to sign up for texts to learn more about them and to get updates on important bills as they move through the legislature.