Senator Steve Fenberg | Making History: Clean Energy & PERA Reform
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Making History: Clean Energy & PERA Reform

27 Mar Making History: Clean Energy & PERA Reform

Making History
With Governor Hickenlooper’s signature, SB9 is officially on the books. As the first state to declare the right of homeowners to store energy in batteries, Colorado is one step closer to a cleaner, more dynamic energy grid and greater energy autonomy for consumers. Now with an easier path to energy storage adoption, increased demand will spark the state’s solar industry growth and continue Colorado’s leadership in clean energy.
Last week the 8th graders of Nederland Middle-High School joined me at the Capitol. I enjoyed answering their questions on everything from how the legislature works to what I am doing to combat gun violence.
Senate Considers PERA Reform
This week the Senate discussed PERA’s financial sustainability, with SB200. The Senate Democrats introduced a number of amendments that were unfortunately lost to the Republican majority. These amendments would have created a more balanced plan with continued shared responsibility rather than fixing the problem on the backs of PERA recipients. My position on the PERA bill is that it should contain only measures that are absolutely necessaryto ensure the financial success of the plan. Unfortunately, Senate Republicans are using this moment instead to push an agenda that would harm the long-term viability of our state pension system. For this reason, I voted no on SB200, but hope that the House will be able to make positive changes to the bill.
Thanks again for your continued involvement through emails and calls. If you want more information on bills and upcoming events, sign up for texts from my team. Let’s keep working together to make this session a success.