Senator Steve Fenberg | A Colorado Solution to Gerrymandering
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A Colorado Solution to Gerrymandering

26 Apr A Colorado Solution to Gerrymandering

A Colorado Solution to Gerrymandering
A New Model for Redistricting

After months of negotiations, I have introduced a compromise on how to overhaul our redistricting process to end gerrymandering. Senate President Grantham and I joined forces to put forth a new model that has the potential to be replicated all over the country, putting an end to gerrymandering as we know it.

This is a big deal and I am proud to be part of this historic effort. If approved by 2/3rds of both the House and Senate, it will be placed on the November ballot for voters to approve.

Updating Marijuana & Hemp Laws
Helping Autism Patients
This bill adds autism to the list of medical conditions that can use medical marijuana for treatment. Many families are faced with tough choices when it comes to dangerous pharmaceuticals and/or caring for kids who are prone to self-harm. This bill simply adds medical marijuana to the list of available options for these families.
Advancing Hemp
This bill asks voters in November to approve taking the definition of hemp out of the constitution and instead placing it in state statute. This will allow our hemp industry to align with federal regulations, which ensures our industry remains a competitive leader compared to other states.
Legislative Wrap-up
with Maj Leader Becker & Rep Hooton

Thursday, May 10th
Chamber of Commerce
2440 Pearl St, Boulder
With bills still being introduced, we have plenty of work ahead of us and business to handle over the next two weeks. Do not hesitate to reach out about a bill you care about or an issue that is important to you.