Senator Steve Fenberg | My Legislation and Bills
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My Legislation and Bills

“If we don’t fight hard enough for the things we stand for, at some point we have to recognize that we don’t really stand for them.”
― Paul Wellstone

I ran for State Senate District 18 not because I want to be somebody, but because I want to do something. You can count on me to remain a strong progressive voice at the Capitol and to stand up for what we believe in. This session I’ve already pursued legislation on the issues that matter most to us, including energy and student debt, and will remain committed to our progressive values as we move forward.

My Bills for the 2019 Session

Senate Bill 19-002

Regulate Student Loan Servicers

Concerning the regulation of student education loan servicers.

Senate Bill 19-023 (Signed into Law)

Cryptocurrency Exemption Colorado Digital Token Act.

Concerning exemptions from the securities laws for cryptocurrencies, and, in connection therewith, enacting the “Colorado Digital Token Act”.

Senate Bill 19-057 (Signed into Law)

Employee Information Student Loan Repayment Programs

Concerning information relating to employee eligibility for student loan repayment and forgiveness programs.

Senate Bill 19-109 (Signed into Law)

Adjust Damages Limitations for Inflation

The limitations on the amount of damages for unlawfully serving alcohol, for noneconomic loss or injury, and for wrongful death were last adjusted for inflation on January 1, 2008. The bill adjusts those damage limitations for inflation on January 1, 2020, and each January 1 every 2 years thereafter.

Senate Bill 19-181 (Signed into Law)

Protect Public Welfare Oil and Gas Operations

Concerning additional public welfare protections regarding the conduct of oil and gas operations.

Senate Bill 19-203 (Signed into Law)

Fiscal Year 2019-2020 Legislative Appropriations Bill

Concerning payment of expenses of the legislative department.

Senate Bill 19-220

Hemp Regulation Alignment with 2018 Federal Farm Bill 

Concerning updates to the industrial hemp regulatory program administered by the commissioner of agriculture to align the program with the regulatory requirements set forth in the federal “Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018”.

Senate Bill 19-224

Sunset Regulated Marjiuana

Concerning the continuation of the regulated marijuana programs, and, in connection therewith, implementing the recommendations contained in the 2018 sunset report by the department of regulatory agencies.

Senate Bill 19-236

Sunset Public Utilities Commission

Concerning the continuation of the public utilities commission, and, in connection therewith, implementing the recommendations contained in the 2018 sunset report by the department of regulatory agencies.

Senate Bill 19-235

Automatic Voter Registration

Concerning the transfer of electronic records by voter registration agencies in order to register voters.

House Bill 19-1028 (Signed into Law)

Medical Marijuana Use for Autism and Acute Pain

Concerning the conditions for medical marijuana use for disabling medical conditions, and, in connection therewith, adding autism spectrum disorders to the list of disabling medical conditions for medical marijuana use.

House Bill 19-1120

Youth Mental Health Education and Suicide Prevention

The bill allows a minor 12 years of age or older to seek and obtain psychotherapy services with or without the consent of the minor’s parent or guardian. A registered psychotherapist or licensed social worker providing psychotherapy services to a minor may, with the consent of the minor, advise the minor’s parent or legal guardian of the psychotherapy services provided.

House Bill 19-1127

Lieutenant Governor Concurrent State Service

Concerning the appointment of the lieutenant governor to serve concurrently as the director of the office of saving people money on health care, and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation.

House Bill 19-1129

Prohibit Conversion Therapy For A Minor

Concerning prohibiting a mental health care provider from engaging in conversion therapy with a patient under eighteen years of age.

House Bill 19-1173 (Signed into Law)

Legislative Council Temporary Appointments Ex Officio Members

Concerning the authority of an ex officio member of the legislative council to appoint a temporary replacement for that ex officio member at a meeting of the legislative council.

House Bill 19-1266

Restore Voting Rights Parolees

Concerning the voting rights of persons serving a sentence of parole, and in connection therewith, making an appropriation.

House Bill 19-1278

Modifications to Uniform Election Code

Concerning modifications to miscellaneous provisions of the “Uniform Election Code of 1992”.

House Bill 19-1280

Child College Savings Accounts

Concerning the creation of the college kickstarter account program to incentivize the creation of a college savings account for every child born in Colorado.

House Bill 19-1309

Mobile Home Park Act Oversight

Concerning the regulation of mobile home parks, and, in connection therewith, granting counties the power to enact ordinances for mobile home parks, extending the time to move or sell a mobile home after eviction proceedings, and creating the “Mobile Home Park Dispute Resolution and Enforcement Program”.

Previous Legislation

Senate Bill 18-009 (Signed into Law)

Allow Electric Utility Costumers Install Energy Storage Equipment

Concerning the right of consumers of electricity to interconnect energy storage systems for use on their property.

Senate Bill 18-087 (Signed into Law)

In-state Tuition Foreign Nationals Settled in Colorado

Concerning in-state tuition at institutions of higher education for certain foreign nationals legally settled in Colorado.

Senate Bill 18-143 (Signed into Law)

Parks and Wildlife Measures to Increase Revenue

Concerning measures to increase revenue for the parks and wildlife division, and, in connection therewith, setting certain hunting, fishing, parks, and recreation fees.

Senate Bill 18-150 (Signed into Law)

Voter Registration Individuals Criminal Justice System

Concerning measures to facilitate voter registration of individuals in the criminal justice system, and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation.

Senate Bill 18-233 (Signed into Law)

Election Clean-up

Concerning technical modifications to miscellaneous provisions of the “Uniform Election Code of 1992”, and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation.

House Bill 18-1017 (Signed into Law)

Psychology Interjurisdictional Compact

Concerning the adoption of an interstate compact to allow a person authorized to practice psychology in a compact state in which the person is not licensed, and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation.

House Bill 18-1127

Residential Landlord Rental Application

Concerning the rental application process for prospective tenants.

House Bill 18-1157

Increased Reporting Oil and Gas Incidents

Concerning increased reporting of oil and gas incidents.

House Bill 18-1177

Youth Suicide Prevention

Concerning multiple approaches to help prevent youth suicide, and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation.

House Bill 18-1226 (Signed into Law)

Higher Education Review Degree Program Costs and Outcomes

Concerning the review of degree programs offered by state institutions of higher education, and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation

House Bill 18-1245

Prohibit Conversion Therapy Mental Health Provider

Concerning a prohibition against a mental health care provider engaging in conversion therapy with a patient under eighteen years of age.

House Bill 18-1233 (Signed into Law)

Consumer Reporting Agency Security Freeze Minors

Concerning a consumer reporting agency’s placement of a security freeze on the consumer report of a consumer who is under the charge of a representative at the request of the consumer’s representative.

House Bill 18-1258

Marijuana Accessory Consumption Establishments

Concerning authorization for an endorsement to an existing marijuana license to allow for a marijuana accessory consumption establishment for the purposes of consumer education, and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation.

House Bill 18-1301

Protect Water Quality Adverse Mining Impacts

Concerning the protection of water quality from adverse impacts caused by mineral mining.

House Bill 18-1341

Apprenticeship and Vocational Technical Training

Concerning creation of the Colorado state apprenticeship resource directory, and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation.

House Bill 18-1403

Stand By Your Ad Act

Concerning the expanded disclosure of information in disclaimer statements about persons paying for certain forms of political communication.

Senate Bill 17-037

Measure Voter Service And Polling Centers Wait Times

Concerning data-gathering at voter service and polling centers in certain counties during each general election.

Senate Bill 17-086

Authorize Local Governments Inclusionary Housing Programs

Concerning a clarification that the statute prohibiting local governments from enacting local legislation that would control rent on private residential housing units does not prohibit local governments from adopting inclusionary housing programs.

Senate Bill 17-089

Creating a Right for Electric Utility Customers to Install Energy Storage

Concerning the rights of consumers of electricity to install electricity storage systems on their properties.

Senate Bill 17-145

Electric Utility Distribution Grid Resource Acquisition Plan

Concerning modifications to the electric utility resource acquisition process, and, in connection therewith, promoting a more resilient, reliable, and cost-effective electrical grid through enhanced planning and data transparency.

Senate Bill 17-305 (Signed into Law)

Primary Election Clean-up

Concerning modifications to select statutory provisions affecting primary elections enacted by voters at the 2016 statewide general election to facilitate the effective implementation of the state’s election laws, and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation.

House Bill 17-1076 (Signed into Law)

Artificial Recharge Nontributary Aquifer Rules

Concerning rule-making by the state engineer regarding permits for the use of water artificially recharged into nontributary groundwater aquifers.

House Bill 17-1081 (Signed into Law)

Olympic Athletes Colorado In-state Tuition

Concerning authority to offer in-state tuition classification at state-supported institutions of higher education for athletes training in Colorado in programs approved by the United States olympic committee.

House Bill 17-1156

Prohibits Conversion Therapy Mental Health Provider

Concerning a prohibition on conversion therapy by a licensed mental health care provider.

House Bill 17-1227 (Signed into Law)

Electric Demand-side Management Program Extension

Concerning an extension of demand-side management goals for investor-owned utilities as set by the public utilities commission.

House Bill 17-1260

Contribution Limits For County Offices

Concerning the establishment of contribution limits under the ‘Fair Campaign Practices Act’ for candidates for county offices.

House Bill 17-1266 (Signed into Law)

Seal Misdemeanor Marijuana Conviction Records

Concerning allowing persons who were convicted of misdemeanors for marijuana-related behaviors that are no longer illegal to petition for the sealing of criminal records relating to such convictions.

House Bill 17-1299

Transportation Legislation Review Committee Interim Hearing Electric Utility Energy Storage

Concerning a transportation legislation review committee hearing on the integration of energy storage into the electric resource planning process for public utilities.

House Bill 17-1310

Residential Landlord Application Screening Fee

Concerning an application screening fee that a residential landlord charges a prospective tenant.

House Bill 17-1320

Age Of Consent Outpatient Psychotherapy For Minors

Concerning lowering the age of consent for minors seeking outpatient psychotherapy.

House Bill 17-1321

Parks And Wildlife Financial Sustainability

Concerning the parks and wildlife commission’s authority to set certain charges assessed on people engaging in activities regulated by the division of parks and wildlife, and, in connection therewith, setting certain hunting, fishing, parks, and recreation fees and fines, creating an aquatic nuisance species sticker and associated fee structure, and requiring reporting by the division of parks and wildlife on fee amounts and the use of division-managed lands by nonconsumptive users.

House Bill 17-1332 (Signed into Law)

Teachers Nonpublic Child Care & Preschool Facility

Concerning state board of education authorization for an alternative teacher license for a person who participates in an alternative teacher program provided by a designated agency working with a nonpublic early child care facility.